Stringr Submission Guidelines

Video format: Stringr supports most video formats including AVI, MP4, MOV.

File size: Stringr accepts files up to 1GB. For larger file sizes, we recommend using compression software. We suggest using Miro Video Converter for both Mac and PC users. Select MP4 as the output format in the dropdown menu.

Tips for capturing good video:

  • Make sure to hold your smartphones horizontally.
  • Hold a shot for at least 5 seconds. Quick camera movements make for almost useless video.
  • Think Wide, Medium, Tight.
  • For anything you shoot, show viewers the context or Wide: (A baseball stadium with people entering the gates).
  • Then show detail with some context or Medium: (The signage at the stadium above the gates).
  • Then go more granular or Tight: (Show the letters of the signage)
  • Pan shots: When panning, make your movements steady and smooth and not overly fast.
  • Tripods: Use one if you have time as they help steady the shot. Here is one we like.
  • Video should make sense without sound. In essence, viewers should understand what they are looking at without narration or audio cues.
  • Video should always have sound. Don't delete audio tracks even if you think it does not add to its value. Ambient sound is often used by video editors, and clips without it are less likely to be purchased.
  • When interviewing people, use a microphone. Here is one we recommend.

Video Content

  • B-Roll: B-roll often depicts something that is common seen in every day life. Think: people at the beach, shoppers coming in and out of stores, a hot-dog vendor selling lunch to office workers, publicly-known sites (government buildings, exteriors of amusement parks.)
  • Newsworthy events: Sometimes breaking news happens right in front of you. Shoot it and upload it to Stringr. But make sure you follow all applicable laws as outlined in our Terms of Use.